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IPMAT 2020 Sample Paper IPM Rohtak Verbal Ability. Solve questions from IPMAT 2020 Sample Paper from IPM Rohtak and check the solutions to get adequate practice. The best way to ace IPMAT is by solving IPMAT Question Paper. To solve other IPMAT Sample papers, go here: IPM Sample Paper

In each question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully.

Question 12 : In order to help the company attain its goal of enhancing profit, all the employees ......

  1. urged the management to grant paid leave
  2. appealed the management to implement new welfare schemes
  3. voluntarily offered to work overtime with lucrative compensation
  4. voluntarily offered to render additional services in lieu of nothing

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Explanatory Answer

We are looking for options that would improve and maximize the company's profits with minimum spending. We should consciously avoid the ethical and moral aspects of salary and compensation as we approach this, because that is not our motive. Paid leaves, welfare schemes, lucrative compensations are spending from the company in some form or the other. All these would minimize the profit. Hence, options A, B and C are omitted. Therefore, option D is the right answer because there is additional service, which is more work. Also, the employees are not expecting any returns for the additional work. So, more profits for the company.

The question is "In order to help the company attain its goal of enhancing profit, all the employees ......"

Hence, the answer is voluntarily offered to render additional services in lieu of nothing

Choice D is the correct answer


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