CAT 2020 Analysis - Slot 1, 2 and 3

CAT 2020 Analysis Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3

First thoughts

Given the pattern change this year, the uncertainty regarding the number of questions and difficulty level was palpable throughout the test center. We at 2IIM had predicted a proportional decrease in the number of questions within each section, which proved to be on point.

VARC: With respect to Slot 1 & 2, it was a smidgen easier compared to CAT 2019. The passages were tough, the questions were mildly tricky, but ultimately it was doable. But Slot 3 was an entirely different story... It was tougher than VARC of 2019 the passages were difficult to digest and several questions with double negatives compounded the difficulty level. The sentences in Para Jumbling were unconventionally long.

All the sections of CAT 2020 were 40 minutes long. In comparison with CAT 2019, the questions were less tougher…but combined with the duration of the section and the overall difficulty of the paper, it can be considered as on par with CAT 2019. But, Slot 3 stands out to be tougher than VARC of CAt 2019.

There were 18 questions from the RCs and 8 from Verbal Ability. Within the verbal ability section, there were 3 para jumble questions, pick the odd questions and para summaries ( 3 and 2). Overall, there were 26 questions in the VARC Section.

DILR: DILR has been consistently tougher since 2015, as mentioned before. we feel it has retained that state this year as well. There were 2 sets with 6 questions each, and 3 sets with 4 questions each, thereby adding the total number of questions for DILR to be 24.

The puzzles were more inclined towards logical reasoning than data interpretation. The numbers were easy and nicely computable. Some puzzles were of the ‘incomplete data’ type, where we had to extract some chunks of data from the data provided within the sets. It always helps to get your table and data ready, so that you may answer the questions with a solid point of reference.
The general consensus among aspirants has been that DILR was tougher in Slot 2 than Slot 1, with much emphasis on the lack of time.

Quant: The Quant section had about 10 questions in arithmetic (as we guessed earlier), about 4 in Geometry. The rest were a couple of questions from logarithms, functions, and exponents. 1 or 2 questions were from Number Theory. There were no questions from Permutations and Probability. Overall, the Quant Section had 26 questions. In deviation with the previous year CAT examinations, the section wise breakup was not the same for all the three slots. For instance, Slot 3 was more loaded with co-ordinate geometry, while Slot 1 didn't have any...

It was a pretty good mix of questions, as usual. The Quant section felt longish, with many struggling for time. The questions were nice to solve though, provided you had a good hold on your fundamentals.

CAT 2020 Slot 1 percentile
CAT 2020 Slot 2 percentile
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2IIM's Online Analysis for CAT 2020 Slot 3

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