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Odd one out is part of the Verbal ability section(VA) of the CAT Exam. The best way to approach odd one out questions is to look for sentences that are not related to the main theme. Try to form links between sentences and figure the odd one out. These questions are expected in the CAT exam and hence will require you to practice CAT previous year paper questions to get a better handle at solving them. Here is a medium level question from CAT 2017 question paper. To practice more such odd one out questions, visit 2IIM's CAT Question Bank.

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out. Choose its number as your answer and key it in.

Question 34 : 1. Those geometric symbols and aerodynamic swooshes are more than just skin deep.
2. The Commonwealth Bank logo — a yellow diamond, with a black chunk sliced out in one corner — is so recognisable that the bank doesn't even use its full name in its advertising.
3. It's not just logos with hidden shapes; sometimes brands will have meanings or stories within them that are deliberately vague or lost in time, urging you to delve deeper to solve the riddle.
4. Graphic designers embed cryptic references because it adds a story to the brand; they want people to spend more time with a brand and have that idea that they are an insider if they can understand the hidden message.
5. But the CommBank logo has more to it than meets the eye, as squirrelled away in that diamond is the Southern Cross constellation.

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Explanatory Answer

43 is a unit: both sentences talk of the cryptic references, hidden shapes and so on that graphic designers embed in logos to entice people into spending more time with a brand. The unit 25 follows this up with the example of the Commonwealth Bank logo. 4325 is a cogent paragraph. While 1 seems to relate to 4 and 3, neither 2 nor 5 relates to 1. So, 1 is the odd one out.

1 is the correct answer.


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