2IIM Online CAT Coaching Preparation Schedule

Tailor made to suit your constraints

Study Schedule for CAT 2024

It is the season of CAT preparation, and aspirants are getting geared for the long haul. The most crucial starting step is to have a clear study schedule for CAT preparation.

Therein lies the rub. One size does not fit all in the context of CAT examination and there are newbies and veterans, engineers and non-engineers (perceived to be math-phobic), folks with a reading habit and ones without. We at 2IIM have taken all these variables into account and come up with a super-detailed, granular study plan for aspirants covering the length and breadth of CAT Syllabus.

So, go ahead and click the next three buttons, download a scheduled tailored for you and fire away. For a more generic outline on the number of hours that should generally be devoted to the different topics and a broad framework for CAT preparation, head here.

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Study Schedule Caveats

1. This is only a guide, hence every aspirant should design their own preparation plan based on what we have shared as a template and stick to it.

2. This CAT 2024 preparation schedule has been prepared with 2IIM's coursework as the reference point. There are certain course modules and terminologies that are very specific to the materials inside the 2IIM Online CAT Courses. For instance CP means Check Point Quiz (Try one for free here), present in every Quant Topic.

3. While there are specific tasks mentioned as part of this CAT 2024 preparation schedule, the general activities, like reading a lot for VARC, solving different puzzles for DILR, and generally having an eye out for concepts and fundamentals in Quant, must be followed whenever time permits.

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