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What Does 2IIM IPMAT Online Coaching Offer?

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Learn from the best

All classes are handled by IIT-Madras & IIM-Bangalore alumnus, and director fo 2IIM, Mr. Rajesh Balasubramanian.

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Live Sessions

IPM 2024 long term course with numerous Live sessions

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Massive Online Content

Course will consist of 2,000+ videos with 10,000+ practice questions in IPMAT difficulty level.

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Practice Questions & Tests

10,000+ Practice questions in the difficulty level seen in IPMAT Past Year papers - All with detailed solutions; several with Video Explanations. 9 mocks for IIM Indore IPM & IPM Rohtak.

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We do what is in our power to make sure that your only job is to "actually prepare". Assisstance provided over WhatsApp, Email, Phone calls, etc.

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Doubt Clarification

Apart from the built-in discussion forum where doubts get cleared everyday, students also get their doubts clarified via peer-based learning on WhatsApp gropus

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  • Best IIM Indore IPM & IPM Rohtak coaching for IPM 2024 & IPM 2025
  • 700+ hours of Online IPM Coaching content
  • 2000+ videos for Online IIM Indore IPM & IPM Rohtak Online Coaching for IPM 2024 and IPM 2025
  • Majority of classes handled by IIT-M and IIM-B Alumnus
  • 150+ Live classes
  • 10000+ IPM Online preparation questions
  • Personalised mentorship & Motivation - IPMAT Online Coaching for IPM 2024 and IPM 2025
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Group - IPMAT Online Coaching
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We teach from first-principles and gradually increase the level to IPMAT.

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Content is not a commodity


Good teachers + well-designed course = Ideas that stick in mind forever

Time is more important than money


Intuitive UI lays everything out on a platter. Spend time learning - Not searching, following, subscribing

One size does not fit all


Test the topic you learnt now. Not your ability to solve an insanely tough Quant paper.

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So who teaches in 2IIM IPMAT Online Coaching Course?

The course is designed by Rajesh Balasubramanian, Director of 2IIM, and Alumnus of: IIT - Madras & IIM - Bangalore. Our teachers take aptitude exams like IPM (CAT) every single year.
Rajesh has scored 100 percentile in the CAT exam 5 times.


Our Free Resources

We offer high quality content to everyone, across platforms, free of cost. No wonder our competitors speak highly of us

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IPM Past Year Papers

All questions that are officially released by IIM Indore & IIM Rohtak - available at ONE place.

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YouTube Channel

~100 videos, 5500+ subscribers. Tons of relevant content + no BS – what’s not to like?

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2IIM's IPMAT Blogs

THE place to go to get yourself updated on all the official information and prep advice - One place information centre for all IPMAT aspirants!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not ask us “Where were you when I was seriously preparing for IPMAT?” For everything else, we will have a go.

How to use 2IIM's IPMAT Online Coaching Course?
Use it in the same order content is prescribed to you. The course basically has three parts. 1) Theory: We start every topic from the bare fundamentals. 2) Practice: The course has around 5000+ practice questions in the difficulty level as seen in the IPMAT. 3) Mocks: No amount of preparation will help if you don't know the pattern of the IPMAT examination. You need to take at least a couple of mock tests so that you get comfortable with the IPMAT exam's pattern.
Does 2IIM Offer Live classes?
Yes, we usually have up to 2 classes every week. And will end with a crash course in the month of April every year.
I am average at Math, how will 2IIM's IPMAT Course help me?
The Online course will start every topic from the bare fundamentals. Every concept is explained in detail with illustrations solved by the faculty along with intermittent tests to make sure you are able to apply these concepts in questions by yourself. The course is designed keeping in mind the "average student".
What's the difference between 2IIM Green Course & Live Online Course for IPMAT?
Green Course will have the entire course content delivered via Recorded sessions. Live Online Program will have both Live Classes as well as recorded content.
You claim to be the Best Online Coaching for IPMAT. How do you know this?
This one is easy. In our minds, we are probably the only one offering an Online IPM Preparation Course. We offer slide-decks, videos, check-point quizzes and IPMAT-Level Tests. Most products available are either test series, e-books or recorded classroom lectures. In our mind, none of these qualify as an online course. Online CAT Preparation has to involve more than reading a bunch of PDFs on a laptop.

Any recorded video of length more than 15 minutes is more or less worthless. Research tells us that people struggle to watch even entertainment videos if they are more than 12 minutes long. (Imagine that, if one struggles to watch Amitabh Bachchan for 12 minutes, what are the odds of watching a tutor in a 60 minute long video?).

We have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy in designing this IPMAT online coaching. At every stage, we have worn the hat of a student and brought in the technology that works for each specific idea. The starting point has been the student requirement, and not the technology. This is why we went down the route of using screen capture videos and not live videos. Screen capture videos de-emphasize the teacher and bring the content to the forefront. (This hurts us while trying to market the product). But screen capture gives us two massive advantages - 1) Video size is small. Our videos on a per-minute basis are about one-fourth of the size of the videos on youtube. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff of youtube you can most definitely take this course and 2) We can write equations and use a digital pen to highlight key ideas without worrying about camera focus...
What are the tech requirements of my Machine or Internet to access 2IIM's Online Course?
You will need to have an internet connection, preferably at a speed of around 1 MBPS or better. (the course runs even at speeds lower than that).
Our videos on a per-minute basis are about one-fourth of the size of the videos on youtube. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff of youtube you can most definitely take this course. Screen capture technology gives us the option of keeping video length short. This is why we have built the entire content on this model.
How many times can we watch the Videos in 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course?
The beauty of the course is that you get to access the course access 24x7. There is NO limit on the number of times you can watch the Videos in 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course
Is Math compulsory for IPMAT?
Yes, Math is a separate section tested in all IPMAT examinations and you will have to clear a minimum cut-off to get to the next stage of the selection process
Can a non maths student crack IPM?
Yes most definitely. Maths up to 10th standard is also tested. With a good deal of revision & practice, you're good to go.
Till when is 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course valid?
You will have access to 2IIM's online course for at least a month after your exams are over. This is because we also train students for the Interview procedure and we have many videos that train you for the Interview process.
How to contact 2IIM?
You can give us a call at +91 94459 38484 or mail us at study@2iim.com
How does Doubt clarification happen in 2IIM IPMAT Online Coaching?
There are three ways to get your doubt clarified: 1. Discussions forum inside the Online Course.
2. Dedicated WhatsApp group for doubt clarification & peer learning
3. You can always mail us on a dedicated email address to get your doubts clarified.
What is there in 2IIM's study material?
2IIM's study material has a total of 9 books - Entire portion will be covered along with illustrative, example, and exercise questions.
Is 2IIM's Online course sufficient to crack IPMAT?
Most definitely :-) If you have read the above FAQs, you know what the course consists of.
Am I eligible for IIM Indore IPM or IPM Rohtak?
You will be eligible for IPMAT if you are less than 20 years of age as of 31st of July of that year & If you have greater than 60% in your 10th and 12th standard exams
Is IPMAT easy to crack?
Not necessarily. If you have already been preparing well for exams like IIT JEE for example, the exam will be a bit easier for you.