How to use 2IIM's Online IPM Coaching Course?
Use it in the same order content is prescribed to you. The course basically has three parts. 1) Theory: We start every topic from the bare fundamentals. 2) Practice: The course has around 5000+ practice questions in the difficulty level as seen in the IPMAT. 3) Mocks: No amount of preparation will help if you don't know the pattern of the IPMAT examination. You need to take at least a couple of mock tests so that you get comfortable with the IPMAT exam's pattern.
Does 2IIM Offer Live classes?
Yes, starting from the middle of February, we will be having Live classes for the IPMAT 2021 examination. We will start off with 1 class a week & by the time the Board exams are done, we will be having 6 classes a week to aggressively complete the entire portion for the IPMAT Examination.
I am average at Math, how will 2IIM's IPMAT Course help me?
The Online course will start every topic from the bare fundamentals. Every concept is explained in detail with illustrations solved by the faculty along with intermittent tests to make sure you are able to apply these concepts in questions by yourself. The course is designed keeping in mind the "average student".
How do we contact 2IIM Online CAT Coaching?
You can give us a call at +91 94459 68484 or mail us at
What's the difference between 2IIM Green Course & Live Online Course for IPMAT?
2IIM's Green Course will cover the entire portion via recorded videos that you can play any number of times, it will also come with 5000+ Advanced practice questions & 8 IPMAT Mock tests. 2IIM's IPMAT Live Course will contain everything from the Green course. It will also cover the entire IPMAT Portion via Live classes.
Is 2IIM's Online course sufficient to crack IPMAT?
Most definitely :-) If you have read the above FAQs, you know what the course consists of. It is definitely sufficient to crack the IPMAT examination.
What are the tech requirements of my Machine or Internet to access 2IIM's Online Course?
You will need to have an internet connection, preferably at a speed of around 1 MBPS or better. (the course runs even at speeds lower than that). The simplest test to see if the specifications are met is to try loading some video from youtube on a Chrome browser. If your computer + internet connection lets you watch a video from youtube, you should be able to view everything from the online course from 2IIM.
How many times can we watch the Videos in 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course?
The beauty of the course is that you get to access the course access 24x7 and can watch the videos inside any number of times. There is NO limit on the number of times you can watch the Videos in 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course
What is there in 2IIM's study material?
2IIM's study material has a total of 10 books - Entire portion will be covered along with illustrative, example, and exercise questions.
How does doubt clarification happen on 2IIM's platform
Any questions related to any part of the CAT course, you can post on the discussion forum and one of us will reply within 48 hours (usually). Other queries can be posted on our Facebook Group. All students who have enrolled are invited to become part of WhatsApp groups where all the faculty members are also present. Any student can post queries on this group as well. We will strive to answer every "meaningful" query on every platform.
What is the IPMAT Examination?
There's a lot of information when it comes to the IPMAT examination. Take your time and go through this page for all information regarding the IPMAT examination and the IPM Programs offered by IIM Indore IPM, IIM Rohtak IPM, IIM Ranchi IPM, and IIM Bodh Gaya IPM.
Till when is 2IIM's IPMAT Online Course valid till?
You will have access to 2IIM's online course for at least a month after your exams are over. This is because we also train students for the Interview procedure and we have very many videos that train you for the Interview process.
What is the size of Videos in 2IIM's Online course?
Our videos on a per-minute basis are about one-fourth of the size of the videos on youtube. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff of youtube you can most definitely take this course. Screen capture technology gives us the option of keeping video length short. This is why we have built the entire content on this model.
Am I eligible for IIM Indore IPM or IPM Rohtak?
You will be eligible for IPMAT if you are less than 20 years of age as of 31st of July of that year & If you have greater than 60% in your 10th and 12th standard exams
Is Ipmat easy to crack?
Not necessarily. If you have already been preparing well for exams like IIT JEE for example, the exam will be a bit easier for you.
Is maths compulsory for Ipmat?
Yes, Math is a separate section tested in all IPMAT examinations and you will have to clear a minimum cut-off to get to the next stage of the selection process
Can a non maths student crack IPM?
Yes most definitely. Maths up to 10th standard is also tested. With a good deal of revision & practice, you're good to go.
What is a good score in Ipmat? What is the cut off for IPM?
The cut-off varies year on year and it differs every year for each category (General, NC-OBC, SC/ST, etc.) A safe score is one above 200 marks (Our of 400) for general category students.
How difficult is Ipmat?
Definitely a much easier exam compared to the likes of IIT-JEE or NEET - It tests in-depth - portion from your 6th to 12th standard Mathematics and English
Is coaching necessary for Ipmat?
Even if you have sharp Math and English skills, it's suggested to check the IPMAT Paper pattern by taking a few mock tests & practicing IPMAT level questions. If you're not comfortable with High school Mathemtics, it's better to train yourself appropriately.
Is IPM tougher than cat?
IPM Quant is tougher than CAT quant. IPM Verbal is a bit easier than CAT Verbal. The IPM exam would be, overall, slightly tougher than the CAT exam.
Which book is best for Ipmat?
There isn't one size fits all. 2IIM has an awesome Online course to help you crack your IPMAT examination.
Should I study for Ipmat?
Most definitely. IPMAT is not an exam that one can crack with no preparation or familiarity with exam pattern.
Can I prepare for Ipmat in 1 month?
Although difficult, if you're committing to spending a significant time in the day for IPMAT Preparation, you can make a big difference by preparing the right way for IPMAT.
How can I crack IIM Rohtak?
Prep well. Start from basics, practice a TON of questions, and take a lot of mock tests. Sign up for 2IIM's IPM Online Course that offers all 3 :-)
What is the syllabus of Ipmat?
IPMAT Tests English and Mathematics from 6th to 12th standard. The IPM Rohtak exam has an additional section called "Logical Reasoning". You can read all about the syllabus of the exam at this page.
Does 12 marks matter in IIM?
According to IIM Indore IPM's selection criteria, your acads are not taken into consideration. IPM Rohtak gives a weightage of 10% for 10th standard and 12th standard examination scores.
Is calculator allowed in Ipmat?
You cannot take a calculator to the exam with you. However, you will have an "on-screen calculator" for complicated question solving.