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Para Summary questions are one among the trickiest type of questions that you can expect in the CAT Exam. Getting the final answer by eliminating the other three options is the key to answering these type of questions correctly. Eliminate the options by finding a flaw in the incorrect options. But in order to do that, complete understanding of the paragraph is uber-crucial. Reading is the only way to master these types of questions. This question from VA does have negative marking, so be sure when you are attempting it. Start your CAT Online Preparation today by solving the questions from CAT Previous Year Paper.

The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the author's position

Question 31 : The conceptualization of landscape as a geometric object first occurred in Europe and is historically related to the European conceptualization of the organism, particularly the human body, as a geometric object with parts having a rational, three-dimensional organization and integration. The European idea of landscape appeared before the science of landscape emerged, and it is no coincidence that Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, who studied the structure of the human body, also facilitated an understanding of the structure of landscape. Landscape which had been a subordinate background to religious or historical narratives, became an independent genre or subject of art by the end of sixteenth century or the beginning of the seventeenth century.

  1. The study of landscape as an independent genre was aided by the Renaissance artists.
  2. The three-dimensional understanding of the organism in Europe led to a similar approach towards the understanding of landscape.
  3. The Renaissance artists were responsible for the study of landscape as a subject of art.
  4. Landscape became a major subject of art at the turn of the sixteenth century.

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Explanatory Answer

The main idea of this paragraph is that the conceptualization and study of landscape as a geometric object by Renaissance artists led to it being recognized as an independent genre/subject of art by the end of the 16th century. Of the given options, option 1 captures this idea best.

Option 2 is close. The paragraph does talk of the 3D understanding of the organism/human body facilitating the understanding of the structure of the landscape. However, the focus of the given paragraph is on the study of landscape by Renaissance artists and how it evolved to become an independent genre/ subject of art by the end of the sixteenth century. Option 2 focuses on one, narrow idea and is not as good a summary as option 1. In the same way, option 3 focuses on Renaissance artists, calling them “responsible” for the study of landscape as a subject of art. The paragraph only states that they facilitated an understanding of the structure of landscape. Option 4, while correct, does not mention Renaissance artists.

Choice A is the correct answer.


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