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CAT DI LR section has become increasingly tough beginning from 2015. DILR used to have distinct Data Interpretation sets and Logical reasoning puzzles. It used to be about computation and ability to read charts, graphs and tables for the Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning used to have Family tree, grid puzzles, arrangement, tournaments, cubes as some standard forms of puzzles.Since 2015 this pattern has been broken. With passing years, even the distinction between DI and LR has come down significantly. All you get in that one hour, are 8 high quality puzzles, with more than a few of them being significantly tough. Between CAT 2017 Question paper and CAT 2018 Question paper, you get to solve 32 actual CAT puzzles. This page intends to provide you just that. So, head on and crack those puzzles!

CAT DILR : CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot 2

Set 7 : Letter Codes

According to a coding scheme the sentence,
Peacock is designated as the national bird of India is coded as 5688999 35 1135556678 56 458 13666689 1334 79 13366
This coding scheme has the following rules:
1. The scheme is case-insensitive (does not distinguish between upper case and lower case letters).
2. Each letter has a unique code which is a single digit from among 1,2,3,......,9.
3. The digit 9 codes two letters, and every other digit codes three letters.
4. The code for a word is constructed by arranging the digits corresponding to its letters in a non-decreasing sequence.
Answer these questions on the basis of this information

Question 4 : Which set of letters CANNOT be coded with the same digit?

  1. S , U , V
  2. X , Y , Z
  3. S , E , Z
  4. I , B , M

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Explanatory Answer

Method of solving this CAT Question on CAT DILR

Digits 1 to 8 are mapped to 3 letters each, 9 is mapped to only 2.
(3 × 8) + 2 = 26 which is the total number of letters in English.
Each letter is mapped to a unique code, but remember that each number is mapped to \\frac{2}{3}) letters.
It is best to start from the small words. Let us attack ‘is’ and ‘as’ first.
IS = 35, AS = 56. S = 5 , I = 3 , A = 6.
Now, THE is 458. OF = 79. PEACOCK does not have a ‘7’ in in. It has an O but no F, so F should be 7 and O should be 9.
THE has 458, DESIGNATED has T and E but no H. Is there a number in THE but not in DESIGNATED?
H should be 4. T and E should be 5 and 8 in some order.
Now let us look at INDIA. INDIA = 13366. I = 3 and A = 6. So, N and D should be 1 and 6 in some order. BIRD has a D, BIRD = 1334.
What does this mean? This tells us D = 1 and N = 6.
Let us have another look at T and E. T and E and 5 and 8 in some order. Is there a word that has only one of T & E but not both?
NATIONAL has T but not E. NATIONAL has 8 but not 5. BINGO! We know T has to be 8 and E has to be 5.
Now let us go word by word. PEACOCK = P56C9CK. So, PCCK should be 8899. 9 is allotted only to two numbers.
We know that O = 9. So, what can we say about 9?
If C takes 8, then both P and K becomes 9 which is not possible as 9 can be assigned to only two letters.
Therefore C has to take 9 and P , K takes the value 8.
DESIGNATED = 1553G66851. The missing number should be G. Or, G = 7.
NATIONAL = 6683966L. The missing number should be L. Or, L should be 1.
BIRD = B3R1. 3 and 4 are missing. B and R should be 3 and 4 in some order.
B and R occur only once each in this sequence, so there is no way of resolving this.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 2
Consider option A S , U, V. We know that S takes 5. If both U and V takes 5 then there will be 4 letters coded to 5.
This is not possible.

The question is "Which set of letters CANNOT be coded with the same digit?"

Hence, the answer is S , U , V

Choice A is the correct answer


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