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Sentence rearrangement (a) Para Jumbles is one of the easiest as well as the trickiest section that you could face in the CAT exam. Usually, this feels to be easier because you can connect the 4 options into a group of two but grouping those two into one is trickier. Basically, you must pick 1 out of 24 possibilities. In the CAT previous year papers, we saw that there were 4 questions on an average per slot in Sentence Rearrangement. CAT 2020 saw a reduction of questions from 34 to 26 in VARC section because of which the average no. of questions got reduced from 4 to 3. The best place to start your online CAT preparation is the actual CAT Question Paper. We at 2IIM Online CAT Coaching offer you exactly that, in a user-friendly format to take value from this.

Question 21 : The four sentences (labelled A, B, C, D) below, when properly sequenced would yield a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper sequencing of the order of the sentences and key in the sequence of the four numbers as your answer:

A. Relying on narrative structure alone, indigenous significances of nineteenth century San folktales are hard to determine.
B. Using their supernatural potency, benign shamans transcend the levels of the San cosmos in order to deal with social conflict and to protect material resources and enjoy a measure of respect that sets them apart from ordinary people.
C. Selected tales reveal that they deal with a form of spiritual conflict that has social implications and concern conflict between people and living or dead malevolent shamans.
D. Meaning can be elicited, and the tales contextualized, by probing beneath the narrative of verbatim, original-language records and exploring the connotations of highly significant words and phrases.

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Explanatory Answer

Sentence A is the best opening sentence, as it tells us what the 'tales' mentioned in other sentences refer to -- nineteenth century San folktales. Sentence A states that the significance of these tales is "hard to determine". Sentence D tells us how the meaning can be elicited. So, D follows A. Sentence B mentions "shamans"-- who/what these are is clear only from C.Shamans are dead and malevolent. So, C comes before B.

The answer is, " ADCB"

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