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Sentence Elimination or Odd one out is one of the if not the easiest section that you could face in the VA section under the CAT exam. The probability of getting it right is much higher than the Sentence Rearrangement section and being non-negative in nature makes it easier to answer. In the CAT previous year papers, we saw that there were 3 questions on an average per slot in Sentence Elimination. CAT 2020 saw a reduction of questions from 34 to 26 in VARC section because of which the average no. of questions got reduced from 3 to 2. The best place to start your CAT online preparation is the actual CAT Previous Year Paper. We at 2IIM CAT Online Coaching offer you exactly that, in a user-friendly format to take value from this.

Question 26 : Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:

A. Talk was the most common way for enslaved men and women to subvert the rules of their bondage, to gain more agency than they were supposed to have.
B. Even in conditions of extreme violence and unfreedom, their words remained ubiquitous, ephemeral, irrepressible, and potentially transgressive.
C. Slaves came from societies in which oaths, orations, and invocations carried great potency, both between people and as a connection to the all-powerful spirit world.
D. Freedom of speech and the power to silence may have been preeminent markers of white liberty in Colonies, but at the same time, slavery depended on dialogue: slaves could never be completely muted.
E. Slave-owners obsessed over slave talk, though they could never control it, yet feared its power to bind and inspire—for, as everyone knew, oaths, whispers, and secret conversations bred conspiracy and revolt.

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Explanatory Answer

While all other sentences relate to slave talk, i.e conversations between slaves, C is different, as it is about the significance of oaths, orations and invocations in the societies slaves came from. DABE is a cogent paragraph.

The answer is, " C"

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