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Question 22 : There is a sentence that is missing in the paragraph below. Look at the paragraph and decide in which blank (option 1, 2, 3, or 4) the following sentence would best fit.

Sentence: Easing the anxiety and pressure of having a "big day" is part of the appeal for many couples who marry in secret.

Paragraph: Wedding season is upon us and - after two years of Covid chaos that saw nuptials scaled back- you may think the temptation would be to go all out. ___(1)___. But instead of expanding the guest list, many couples are opting to have entirely secret ceremonies. With Covid case numbers remaining high and the cost of living crisis meaning that many couples are feeling the pinch, it's no wonder that some are less than eager to send out invites. ___(2)___. Plus, it can't hurt that in celebrity circles getting married in secret is all the rage. ___(3)___. "I would definitely say that secret weddings are becoming more common," says Landis Bejar, the founder of a therapy practice, which specialises in helping brides and grooms manage wedding stress. "People are looking for ways to get out of the spotlight and avoid the pomp and circumstance of weddings. ___(4)___. They just want to get to the part where they are married."

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3
  4. Option 4

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Explanatory Answer

Consider option 1. The transition of ideas from the previous sentence to the next is smooth here. Despite the Covid chaos pointing to a temptation to go all out, wedding lists are not expanding and couples are having secret ceremonies instead. So, we rule out this option.

The missing line explains why couples want to marry in secret. If you place this sentence in option 2, it fits right in with the idea in the previous sentence and transitions well into the next sentence, which gives one more reason why couples marry in secret. Also the 'anxiety' mentioned here relates to couples 'feeling the pinch', which the previous sentence refers to.

If the missing sentence is placed in option 3, it would follow a sentence which begins with 'plus'. The transition from celebrities marrying in secret to easing the anxiety and pressure of having a "big day" is not smooth.

The missing sentence does not fit in well at option 4. There is already a smooth transition of ideas from people wanting to avoid the spotlight and pomp to them wanting to get to the part where they are married.

So, option 2 is the best place to put the missing sentence.

The answer is 'Option 2'

Choice B is the correct answer.

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