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Question 24 : The four sentences (labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4) below, when properly sequenced, would yield a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper sequencing of the order of the sentences and key in the sequence of the four numbers as your answer:

1. Women may prioritize cooking because they feel they alone are responsible for mediating a toxic and unhealthy food system.
2. Food is commonly framed through the lens of individual choice: you can choose to eat healthily.
3. This is particularly so in a neoliberal context where the state has transferred the responsibility for food onto individual consumers.
4. The individualized framing of choice appeals to a popular desire to experience agency, but draws away from the structural obstacles that stratify individual food choices.

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Explanatory Answer

2 is the best opening sentence. 24 is a link: 2 states that food is framed through the lens of individual choice; 4 begins with 'the individualized framing of choice' and explains what this leads to. Now, 4 talks about the focus on individual choice drawing away from the 'structural obstacles' that stratify food choices. 3 adds to 4 stating that this is particularly the case in neoliberal societies where the state has transferred responsibility for food to individuals. 3 leads on to 1: the responsibility is shifted away from the system and onto women.

The answer is '2431'

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