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The best way to boost your IIFT prep is to practice the actual IIFT Question Papers. 2IIM offers you exactly that, in a student friendly format to take value from this. In the 2018 IIFT, varc was a mixed bag of questions of varying difficulty, with some routine questions and the others were very demanding. Some beautiful questions that laid emphasis on Learning ideas from basics and being able to comprehend more than remembering gazillion formulae and shortcuts.

Question 36 : A. All levels of demand, whether individual, aggregate, local, national, or international are subject to change.
B. At the same time, science and technology add new dimensions to products, their uses and the methods used to market them.
C. Aggregate demand fluctuates with changes in the level of business activity, GNP and national income.
D. The demand of individuals tends to vary with changing needs and rising income.

  1. BCAD
  2. ADCB
  3. CBDA
  4. DCAB

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Explanatory Answer

Sentence A states the main idea of the paragraph-all levels of demand are subject to change. D and C add to A; while D is about changes in individual demand, C is about changes in aggregate demand. D comes before C because individual demand is mentioned before aggregate demand in the opening sentence A. So, we have the order ADC. B, which is about how science and technology add new dimensions to products and the way they are marketed, follows ADC. ADCB is the correct order.

The answer is 'ADCB'

Choice B is the correct answer.

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