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Why Prepare with 2IIM?

Because of great teachers, and great teaching!

Breaking through the 85% Barrier

To get to the 85% and the low 90's, one needs dilligence and perhaps little less. If you do the grind and fight to have a sound understanding of basics, this is the first plateau you'll reach. The climb beyond this is far tougher...

Making the Climb Easier

Climbing the Everest is a lot easier if you've got a guide who's been there before, and knows how to push you hard to get there yourself. We take the CAT every year, and pride ourselves on being there to push our students over the finish line.

So who teaches here?

Our teachers take the CAT every year and crack it on a routine basis.
We understand this exam and are passionate teachers.

Our director, Rajesh, has scored 100th percentile thrice – CAT 2011, CAT 2012 and CAT 2014.

What does 2IIM's Online Course offer?

The most comprehensive Online CAT Preparation!

Quant Classes

33 Classes that cover the entire syllabus for the Quantitative Aptitude Section.

Verbal Classes

18 Classes that cover each question template tested in the Verbal Aptitude Section.


12 Classes covering all important puzzles for Data Inter. and Logical Reasoning.

Study Material

Set of 10 printed books for syllabus review and practice (Comprehensive Package Only).

Mock CAT Series

A series of 12 spot on Mock CATs in the exam's latest pattern and 8 Past Year CATs.

Topical Test Series

Over 50 topic wise tests pegged at the CAT level to shift to exam gears.

Speed Enhancement

Over 50 topic wise drill tests designed to train you to solve questions faster.

CAT Mini-Quiz Series

Sectional Tests with video solutions (available for free users!)

CAT Prep Zone

Articles and Videos on everything from planning prep to exam strategy.

Last-Mile Prep Guide

Videos on Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and Written Ability Tests.


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Course Specs

We make tall claims? See for yourself!

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What we Offer

5 Free Classes

Learn 5 complete topics from basics to CAT level. These classes are representative of the whole course. We keep changing the topics that our users can view for free (just to prove that what you see is really what you get!)

Last Mile Training Guide

GD/PI/WAT guides are available to all users for free. We also have lots of guides for planning your preparation, and getting an exam strategy together.

CAT Topical Test Series

400+ CAT-Level questions in the form of a topical test series. Take tests topic by topic, learn to solve the questions through our detailed solutions, and review your performance through our powerful analytics.

Full-Length Mock CAT

You can take one full-length mock CAT for free, and review our test taking interface, solution detail and analytics.

What we don't Do

Hey! This customer really wants to buy a Hyundai i10. Let's let him testdrive an Audi A4!

Really Smart Salesperson

No showcasing of fancy videos: Some of our competitors showcase videos that are completely divorced from their online course. We let you view a cross-section of our online classes. If you like what you see, you'll love what the rest of the course has to offer.

It's really easy getting a refund online!

Said no one Ever

A refund policy is really not the same as trying a product before you buy it. Imagine trying to return a tablet after it's delivered to your house. Because we've all had such fond memories of returning things online... With 20% of the course on offer, 2IIM is the definition of letting you make an informed decision.

Online Courses are easier to deliver to any platform. Let's make students buy custom tablets to prove this point...

Education Gurus

There is no hardware requirement to try our course. Within 2 minutes after you sign up to try the course, you can start learning from the freely available classes.

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What do other Students Say?

Read what they think about our CAT Online Coaching:

Customer Testimonails
Adwait Deshpande CAT 2015 : 99.66
VA-RC: 99.1, DI-LR: 98.34, QA: 98.93

I would like to thank the entire team of 2IIM for helping me crack the CAT. I chose to enroll for an online class for CAT preparations since my work required a lot of travel in and around Mumbai, and it wasn't possible for me to attend classroom coaching classes. I googled for online CAT classes and stumbled upon 2IIM. I went through the free lectures posted on their website and really liked how the lessons were taught and how the subject matter was organized. I signed up for the service immediately.

This was one of the better decisions I've made in my life.

I had no idea what the CAT exam was about, and as this was my first attempt, I saw Mr. Rajesh's videos on YouTube which gave me pointers and a direction to follow.

After that I just listened to his lectures and gave a mock test every week, and the rest is history. I was mediocre student all throughout my life, with bleak prospects for the future, but irrespective of what happens next, I am now confident of my own abilities and optimistic about what lies ahead, thanks to this wonderful CAT score!

Customer Testimonails
Tejaswi Priyadarshi CAT 2015 : 99.3
VA-RC: 99.71, DI-LR: 98.8, QA: 93.45

I saw the name 2IIM among the many names that flashed on my computer screen when I googled "Online coaching classes for CAT", at a juncture when there were only 3-4 months left for CAT 2015. What I needed was a thorough revision of my basics coupled with CAT relevant practice and I ended up zeroing in on 2IIM. At present, I'm glad that I did because I got what I needed- an hour everyday without the hassle of travelling for hours (Bangalore traffic is horrible).

Crisp video lectures, excellent practice material and moral/subjective support- I got all these from Rajesh and Bharath, even at wee hours! I can vouch for 2IIM and would definitely recommend it to people who are hell bent on taking the CAT- with dedication.

Thanks guys!

Customer Testimonails

At 2IIM, Rajesh and team's main focus is on basics. We at 2IIM start with simple concepts and problems and then take it to next level step by step. Teaching philosophy over here is very simple - Prepare the student for what’s going to come in the exam (CAT, XAT, NMAT etc.) unlike other institutes where everyone is around phantom difficulty level questions which as the CAT revealed is absolutely irrelevant. Although all the teachers at 2IIM are brilliant in their area, I was particularly impressed by Mr.Rajesh. It’s no secret that his teaching abilities are unmatched but for me his other quality in the way he motivates students is exceptional. I personally have called him many times at times when I was feeling low or when I thought that I couldn't do it. Each time he told me what CAT really was and what people made it to appear. As a serial CAT topper, you would expect him to talk of high level concepts and quick techniques but it’s just the opposite, he follows a simple, detailed and calm approach. 2IIM’s online product is just a brilliant option because it just feels like one on one class with Rajesh.

From solved questions to detailed concepts everything is covered in online version of the product. For someone who is unable to attend classes regularly that is just a life saver. Having taken mocks from 3 other vendors, I can proudly say that even 2IIM mocks were the one closest to Actual CAT.

Finally, after studying at 2IIM I can confidently say that no one in the business knows CAT (or for that matter XAT,NMAT) better than them.

Customer Testimonails

I am Mukund, working in an MNC. 5 years into IT industry, when everybody were vying for onsite opportunities, I was gazing out on possibilities for seeking after a regular MBA. So CAT was the right approach to attain it. But I had my own doubts.

1. “I have worries that my level of English is not up to CAT. So will I be able to compete with others?” Expert’s opinion was: CAT essentially tests your comprehension aptitude. If one is good at communicating his/her thoughts effectively, with a little adaptation of few tactics, one unquestionably has a good chance.

2. As I am a working executive, i can't put extra hours like a fresh Graduate. Is that a disadvantage? Expert’s opinion was: Spending 2-3 hours a day will be sufficient enough to crack the exam.

When Rajesh was at the helm, as students, our job was just to follow him sincerely and nothing else was required. Faculty members treated each question with equal respect even if it looked silly. 2IIM materials are exceptionally useful during the last phase of planning as they drive through the essentials and discuss various structures of ideas. They firmly advised students to take as many mock CAT's as possible enabling the students to figure out how to manage the time, assess where they stand, decide on which question to choose and which one to leave and so on. So 2IIM tries its best to show that CAT is not hard, given a genuine attempt to crack it. Why not make best use of it then?

Many thanks to you 2IIM for guiding me and instilling the confidence which I required the most. In this whole learning process I eventually reinvented myself. Much obliged once more.

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