How to Prepare for CAT exam?

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How to Prepare for CAT 2019?

1. How should you prepare for tCAT Quantitative Aptitude section?
2. How to start CAT preparation?
3. What are the key topics in Quantitative Aptitude?
4. How should you prepare for the LRDI section?
5. How do we get geared for DILR of the level of difficulty seen in the CAT exam?
6. How to prepare for the VARC section?
7. How to prepare for Reading Comprehension?
8. What should we read for the VARC section?
9. How do we analyse a mock?
And a lot more questions are answered in this fabulous session that Bharath conducted a while ago.

What is the Best Preparation Strategy for CAT 2019?

We at 2IIM Online CAT Coaching believe that learning everything from first principles is the best way to approach CAT exam. What is the 3-step process outlined by the best online coaching for CAT - 1) Learn from basics 2) Practice away to glory and 3) Take plenty of mocks.

This is a broad outline. To read in far greater detail on how to prepare for Quant, how to crack LRDI and how to select the best passages to read; go through this fabulous Quora answer that 2IIM’s Bharathwaj has outlined. If you are keen on CAT preparation, this will be one set of 5 minutes well-spent.

How do CAT 99+ percentilers prepare for CAT?

We at 2IIM Online CAT Coaching start teaching CAT concepts from the basics. In this answer, Rajesh Balasubramanian, 4-time CAT 100 percentilers talks about the CAT preparation journey of 3 99+ percentilers.

All three of them had different backgrounds, but when it came to CAT preparation, their approaches were more or less the same. Read the answer to know more about their CAT preparation strategies.

What is CAT exam?

First up, learn what CAT exam is all about? What does CAT test? Which colleges admit based on CAT score? What exams to take up other than CAT? What is the Syllabus for CAT? What are the different sections to worry about for CAT and other such enervating questions, dive into What is CAT exam all about?

If you have healthy disdain for gyan related to CAT and are merely interested in starting preparation at the earliest for this exam, visit our CAT Question Bank to get going. As we never tire of saying, no amount of preparation planning is as good as a few minutes of actual preparation.

What is CAT Exam, How to prepare for CAT exam

How to Organise CAT preparation?

We can break CAT preparation into three phases – Learning fundamentals, doing the grind and taking mocks. Read more at Three phases of CAT preparation. All three phases are important – one builds strong basics, one builds automaticity (Special read on automaticity) and one gets you exam-ready. Read more at Three phases of CAT preparation.

It is very important to stay away from questions of extraordinary difficulty levels in Quant and focus on the relevant portion of preparation. Stay at a discreet distance from social media and forums when you are preparing for CAT.

How to Schedule CAT preparation?

CAT has a lot of topics and so it always helps to have a clear schedule. Watch the video to get a quick overview. Or, if you are from the small minority that likes to read, page is all yours - CAT Schedule.

There are three common mistakes students make while preparing a schedule. 1. Overagonize over Quants. Students get a serious bout of Quantitis, and prepare to crack Olympaids in Number Theory and Combinatorics. This is useless
2. Underestimate reading. Read for an hour every day. Read all kinds of different things (What to Read).
3. Ignore DI-LR. This forms one-third of the paper. Students usually spend less than 10% of the time focusing on this. Do the math.

How to Prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude?

People think the toughest section to prepare for is Quants. So we have outlined Three step quants prep plan and Common traps to avoid.

This article here outlines the broad approach to take while preparing for Quant. It is very crucial to not bypass the fundamentals and to not be fixated on speed building while preparing for CAT. Speed will come with lots of practice. Have faith in this funda and prepare without worrying about speed right from day 1.

How to Prepare for CAT Reading Comprehension?

But the most crucial part of CAT preparation is Reading. Reading is the elephant in the room. Better readers have a higher chance of cracking CAT. It is the most crucial aspect as it improves your chances with RC, and the rest of the VA section as well. You will definitely want to know what to read – for books click here and for blogs and websites here. For how to go about reading, watch One video here and another here.
This article gives an interesting view on how reading plays a crucial role in CAT preparation and how it is infinitely more crucial than vocabulary-building.

How to Prepare for CAT DI LR?

How to Plan Mock CATs?

How to plan a mock CAT schedule and how to analyse a mock CAT? – This is a whole new topic unto itself. So, as usual go to - Everything about Mock CAT. This page contains a long form article with a series of Videos embedded to help one get a fair idea of what should one do while taking mocks, what are the common pitfalls when taking CAT Mocks, how to analyse mocks, what should I do when I have Volatile Mock scores, How many mocks should I take and other relevant questions.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis

The story of CAT Exam 2018 was the level of difficulty of the Quant section. I (Rajesh Balasubramanian) have taken 8 of the last 10 CATs and I can confidently say that this was the toughest Quant section I have seen thus far. We have done a CAT 2018 Analysis of Slot 1 and Slot 2 on Youtube. Scroll down to have a look at that.

Our estimates for CAT Exam 2018 percentiles and scores are given below for both slot 1 and slot 2.Note that these are merely estimates and are not based on statistical analysis.

CAT 2018 Slot 1 percentile
CAT 2018 Slot 2 percentile

To know the full CAT 2018 exam analysis, please go to this page - CAT 2018 Exam Analysis

CAT Exam - CAT Question Papers

CAT Exam Pattern changes frequently and the best way to get a sense of the CAT Syllabus is to go through the CAT Question papers of the most recent years. We at 2IIM have created a student-friendly version that lets students see CAT Questions one at a time, attempt to solve these and then choose to either see the answer or view a detailed video lecture solution. To see past year CAT question papers, please go to this page - CAT question papers

Let's talk CAT 2019

It is not too early to start CAT preparation. If you took CAT 2018 merely as a precursor to CAT 2019, then it is about time to start thinking about a pleasant 1-year preparation cycle. If you are not already one, sign up as a trial user to the 2IIM Online Course and see why so many students say so many good things about us (review link here).

2IIM’s CAT 2018 online students can renew the course at very reasonable rates. The price for renewal is pegged at a level where students pay the difference between our current 2019 price point and what they have paid already. Effectively, for students who are renewing the course, the price for preparation for CAT 2018 and CAT 2019 would be merely the price for CAT 2019 (In other words CAT 2018 prep came for free).

Those of you just beginning on this CAT preparation journey, scroll up to know about every aspect of How to Prepare for CAT? . Those of you feeling a little lost amidst all this talk of percentiles, slots, analysis, syllabus etc, click here to learn What is CAT exam . To learn everything about CAT Exam syllabus, click here to know CAT Syllabus .

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