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Question 24 : The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.
Foreign peacekeepers often exist in a bubble in the poor countries in which they are deployed; they live in posh compounds, drive fancy vehicles, and distance themselves from locals. This may be partially justified as they are outsiders, living in constant fear, performing a job that is emotionally draining. But they are often despised by the locals, and many would like them to leave. A better solution would be bottom-up peacebuilding, which would involve their spending more time working with communities, understanding their grievances and earning their trust, rather than only meeting government officials.

  1. The environment in poor countries has tended to make foreign peacekeeping forces live in enclaves, but it is time to change this scenario.
  2. Peacekeeping duties would be more effectively performed by local residents given their better understanding, knowledge and rapport with their own communities.
  3. Peacekeeping forces in foreign countries have tended to be aloof for valid reasons but would be more effective if they worked more closely with local communities.
  4. Extravagant lifestyles and an aloof attitude among the foreigners working as peacekeepers in poor countries have justifiably make them the target of local anger.

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Explanatory Answer

The paragraph given states that while foreign peacekeepers, due to some valid reasons, tend to live in a bubble in the poor countries where they are deployed, a bottom-up peacebuilding approach working in concert with the locals would be more effective. Option C summarises the paragraph well.
Option A does not touch upon the idea of bottom-up peace building. So, it is incorrect.
The paragraph does not say locals would be better at peacekeeping; B is incorrect.
The paragraph also does not say local anger against foreign peacekeepers makes them 'the target of local anger'. Option D is also incorrect.

The answer is 'Peacekeeping forces in foreign countries have tended to be aloof for valid reasons but would be more effective if they worked more closely with local communities.'

Choice C is the correct answer.

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