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What does 2IIM's IPMAT Online Coaching offer?

The best IPMAT Coaching 2021 Course
Feature Trial IPMAT 2021 - Green Course IPMAT 2021 - Comprehensive Course
IPM Coaching for Quantitative Aptitude 2 classes 35 classes 35 classes
IPM Coaching for Verbal Ability 2 class 36 classes 36 classes
IPM Coaching for DI LR 6 classes 38 classes 38 classes
Online IPMAT 2021 Mock Tests 0 Free Mocks 8 Mocks 8 Mocks
5000+ Online IIM Indore IPM & IIM Indore IPM Coaching practice questions for IPMAT 2021 5000+ Questions 5000+ Questions
IPMAT Booster
IPMAT Drill Questions 3000 Questions 3000 Questions
IPMAT Coaching - Last Mile Prep
IPMAT Preparation Study Material - Hard Copy books
IPMAT Online Preparation Price Free Rs. 33,000 Rs. 30,000 Rs. 36,000 Rs. 33,000

Why prepare with 2IIM’s IPMAT Coaching for IPMAT 2021?

Intuitive UI combined with wonderful teaching results in the Best IPMAT Online Course

Start from Basics

We at 2IIM IPMAT Online Coaching start from Zero. Learn from the basics and from the best faculty.

Learn at your Pace

The IPMAT Online Course is modularized and gives the student the option of learning one idea at a time. You can pause or fast forward and learn according to your pace.

Know where you stand

Each class on 2IIM’s IPMAT Online Coaching ends with a prep edge test that is pegged at IIM Indore IPM test’s level of difficulty. Test analytics will give insights into your preparation.

So Who teaches at 2IIM’s IPMAT Online Coaching?

The IPMAT exam conducted for IIM Indore IPM & IIM Rohtak IPM admission is largely similar to the CAT. 2IIM’s “specifically tailored” IPMAT Online Course is designed to help students who are looking to write the exam this may.

All Math topics are handled by our Director, Rajesh Balasubramanian, an alumnus of IIT Madras (2001) & IIM Bangalore (2003), who has cracked the CAT exam several times, scoring in the 100th percentile 4-times.