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Why Prepare with 2IIM Online XAT Coaching?

Because of great teachers, and great teaching!

Start from Basics

We at 2IIM XAT online coaching start from zero. We demystify this exam and break every idea into small digestible chunks. I can assure you that you will end the Online XAT coaching with the feeling that this is a simple, eminently crack-able exam.

Learn at your Pace

The Online XAT coaching is modularized and gives the student the option of learning one idea at a time. A student can learn an idea, practice a set of questions, take a quiz and only then move to the next idea. Each lesson/video can be viewed any number of times.

Know where you stand

Each class on the Online XAT preparation ends with a Prep Edge test that is pegged at XAT level and should help you assess and benchmark. Test analytics will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and tweak your XAT preparation plan.

How much does 2IIM's XAT Online Coaching cost

...and how long is the XAT Online preparation valid?

So who teaches in 2IIM Online XAT Coaching Course?

Our teachers take the XAT every year.
Learn from the best.

Our director, Rajesh, is a 4 time CAT 100 percentiler. Best XAT Online Preparation.

What do Students of 2IIM XAT Online Coaching Say?

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What does 2IIM's XAT Online Coaching offer?

The best XAT Online Coaching for XAT
Feature Trial XAT 2021
Online XAT Coaching for Quantitative Aptitude 2 classes 35 classes
Online XAT Coaching for Verbal Ability 2 classes 36 classes
Online XAT Coaching for DI LR 5 classes 38 classes
XAT Business Decision Making 1 class 27 classes
Online XAT Coaching Revision Classes
Online XAT Coaching Drill Questions 3500 Questions
Online XAT preparation - Last Mile Prep
Online XAT Preparation Price Free Rs. 17,000

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FAQs - XAT Exam Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the 2IIM Online XAT Coaching Course?
The 2IIM Online Course runs on a fabulous Learning Management System (LMS). The navigation is freakishly user-friendly. Sign up as a trial user and spend 10-minutes to figure out how the learning process works. ThisYoutube Video gives a detailed outline on how to go about navigating the course.
How do we contact 2IIM Online XAT Coaching in case we need some more information?
You can drop us an email at or give us a call at 99626 48484. Or, you can chat with us (during specific office hours) from the chat window on this website. For any technical issues, reach out to our wonderful tech team at
Is Online XAT Coaching alone sufficient to crack the XAT 2021?
Most definitely, yes. The online XAT preparation 2021 course offers clear explanation for all the key concepts. The study material gives ample room for practice and the mock XAT series gets you geared for the actual exam. When we started the course, we thought people might view it as a supplement. We have been surprised by the fact that nearly 90% of the students have used the online course exclusively for their XAT preparation.

The Online XAT Coaching Course will be sufficient for XAT 2021 preparation on a standalone basis. One need not use any other material for preparation.
What are the technical specifications my machine needs to have for the XAT Online course to work?
You will need to have an internet connection, preferably at a speed of around 1 MBPS or better. (the course runs even at speeds lower than that). The videos load only on the Chrome browser. So, the course can only be learnt using Chrome. The simplest test to see if the specifiXATions are met is to try loading some video from youtube on a Chrome browser. If your computer + internet connection lets you watch a video from youtube, you should be able to view everything from the online course from 2IIM.

Through 2IIM Online preparartion's Mobile app , you will be able to save classes for offline viewing when your internet is stable, and learn from cached content when connectivity gets dicey.
You claim to be the best Online XAT Coaching Course. How do you know this?
This one is easy. In our minds, we are probably the only one offering an Online XAT Preparation Course. We offer slide-decks, videos, check-point quizzes and XAT-Level Tests. Most products available are either test series, e-books or recorded classroom lectures. In our mind, none of these qualify as an online course. Online XAT Preparation has to involve more than reading a bunch of PDFs on a laptop.

Any recorded video of length more than 15 minutes is more or less worthless. Research tells us that people struggle to watch even entertainment videos if they are more than 12 minutes long. (Imagine that, if one struggles to watch Amitabh Bachan for 12 minutes, what are odds of watching a tutor in a 60 minute long video?).

We have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy in designing this XAT online coaching. At every stage, we have worn the hat of a student and brought in the technology that works for each specific idea. The starting point has been the student requirement, and not the technology. This is why we went down the route of using screen capture videos and not live videos. Screen capture videos de-emphasize the teacher and bring the content to the forefront. (This hurts us while trying to market the product). But screen capture gives us two massive advantages - 1) Video size is small. Our videos on a per-minute basis are about one-fourth of the size of the videos on youtube. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff of youtube you can most definitely take this course and 2) We can write equations and use a digital pen to highlight key ideas without worrying about camera focus..
How do we get our doubts clarified ?
All doubts get clarified on discussion board; a repository of previous discussions stay as comments. Every doubt is tagged to a specific slide/video. Every query here is relevant and nothing goes unanswered.

Multi-platform approach : Course-related doubts on discussion board, content-related and prep-related queries on dedicated WhatsApp groups. Beyond this, you can post on our FB group, Youtube Community and/or email or call us.

24 * 7 support : We clarify doubts at all times, but aggressively prioritize. Relevant questions will get a response, junk gets shown the door – all platforms are moderated. More time gets wasted on random queries than is healthy for XAT prep.

In case you have any questions, please mail us at

YouTube Video on "How to get your doubts clarified?" - Click to watch

When will be the XAT exam 2021 be held?
XAT Exam 2021 is on January 3, 2021.
When is the last date to apply for XAT 2021?
The last date to apply for XAT 2021 is December 10, 2020.
How is the XAT Online Course different from Green CAT Course?
For all facts and purposes, there is no difference between XAT Online Course and Green CAT Course. They are named differently but the content is exactly the same for both the courses.

How many video lectures are there in a 2IIM XAT Online Coaching course?
The Beauty of the best course is to teach oneself as much as possible with the least possible number of videos and questions. When there is a possibility to master any topic and crack those XAT questions by just learning 100 questions well, what is the need for one to do 600? But, anyways here is the textbook answer - It has probably 1000 videos, 10000 slides, and probably more than 8000 questions all discussed in great length and detail. Nearly 20% of the course is available for free. Try out a few classes. We are sure that you will have a crystal clear idea of what the actual course comprises once you see the freely available content. “Try before You Buy”

Check out our Quora link - Quora Review

You can also get them clarified by email at
Till what date is the online XAT coaching valid?
The 2IIM XAT Online coaching for XAT 2021 is valid till Jan 31st 2021. Any student wishing to extend the duration of the course can contact us at 99626 48484. Any upgrades or additions we do the course will be available to everyone.
Which is better - pre-uploaded classes or "Live" ones?
This is a no-brainer. Pre-uploaded ones are way better than live classes. 'Live' classes mean that you have to attend at one specific time and listen to the lecture delivered in one specific pace. No freedom over time or pace. The only advantage is that you can tune in from home. If the 'live' lectures are not one-to-one, then there is no way one can have doubts clarified either. You can send your doubts across by email and they will get clarified later. But they will not be clarified at that moment.

We had quite a few students who were disappointed that we did not offer 'live' classes. We just could not wind our heads around why live classes would be better. Live classes are bad for the students. They are no more than a marketing gimmick. We take, on an average 4 'takes' for every screen-capture video that we upload to the online XAT course. We want to teach an idea "just right". We agonize over every detail as far as the pedagogy is concerned. All these advantages one gets from iterating a process disappear when we have 'live' classes.

A live one-on-one class is a different scenario altogether. If you can get live one-on-one class from someone who is an excellent teacher that is a great proposition. Otherwise, never pick a model that promises 'live' classes.
What is the size of the videos? Can we watch it with even a 1MBPs connection?
As we have mentioned elsewhere in this section, our videos on a per-minute basis are about one-fourth of the size of the videos on youtube. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff of youtube you can most definitely take this course. Screen capture technology gives us the option of keeping video length short. This is why we have built the entire content on this model.
What technology have you used for the videos?
As far as the online XAT 2021 Coaching Course is concerned, we have used screen-capture technology for most parts. For recording the videos, we work with a Software called as Blueberry; an alternative Software called Camtasia is also pretty good. Our online tech platform provider is Learnyst. They might use some hi-funda technology to create the platform, but they created a simple enough interface for us to use.
What is the eligibility for XAT?
To be eligible for XAT exam, there are a bunch of requirements. Eligibility criteria for admission through XAT may be different and specific to the institute.

1. A XAT exam aspirant with Under Graduation (Correspondence will also do) from a recognised university. There is no minimum score required for XAT exam eligibility.
2. The XAT exam aspirant must have completed education upto Graduation.
3. Candidates in their final year of Graduation are also eligible to apply. A student who finishes diploma and then pursues UG is also eligible.
What is XAT Syllabus?
XAT Exam is a 3-hour (180 min), computer-based exam. It is not held in offline mode.

The exam comprises of 4 sections - Verbal and Logical Ability (VA & LR), Decision Making (DM), Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (QA & DI) and General Knowledge (GK).

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