2IIM & VisionMate Foundation

CSR Initiative from 2IIM on Eye Donation

2IIM VisionMate Foundation - Eye Donation

We at 2IIM have used technology and internet to offer our CAT courses. We reach out to a large number with quality preparation tools and using internet. We are happy that today at 2IIM we help thousands of students prepare for CAT at par with any other courses in the industry.

In the same lines VisionMate Foundation an Online Eye Pledge and Eye Donation platform uses internet medium to create awareness and facilitate eye donations. We strongly believe that digital medium can do a lot more in helping underprivileged section of the society in multiple areas.

We at 2IIM are happy to partner with VisionMate in creating awareness about eye donation and hence invite people to volunteer for eye donation. To partner with Visionmate Foundation, please visit www.visionmate.org

With the rise in concept of CSR Implementation in large organizations which is also a mandatory task according to CSR rules under Companies Act 2013; we within our reach, plan to help people for the betterment of the society.

I invite my friends and clients to join hands to Donate Eyes and help the blind people receive the gift of sight. Please note eyes can be donated only after the life term / demise of a person.

We see that people spend time in sharing valuable information on the social media platform and online medium. VisionMate uses web-based platform to fill the form and document Eye Donation which is a simplified process.

1. VisionMate has access to eye banks data across India.
2. Any person above 21 years can pledge eyes for donation.
3. The Identity of the person pledging the eyes in noted by a OTP sent on their respective mobiles.

More information about the team, advantages of online eye pledge process and statistics can be found on VisionMate website.