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Question 18 : Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:
1. The legal status of resources mined in space remains ambiguous; and while the market for asteroid minerals is currently nonexistent, this is likely to change as technical hurdles diminish.
2. Outer space is a commons, and all of it is open for exploration, however, space law developed in the 1950s and 60s is state-centric and arguably ill-suited to a commercial future.
3. Laws adopted by the US and Luxembourg are first steps, but they only protect firms from competing claims by their compatriots; a Chinese company will not be bound by US law.
4. Critics say the US is conferring rights that it has no authority to confer; Russia in particular has condemned this, citing the US' disrespect for international law.
5. At issue now is commercial activity, as private firms”rather than nation states”look to space for profit.

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Explanatory Answer

All given sentences other than sentence 4 relate to private commercial activity in space and the limitations of outdated space laws. Sentence 4 starts with ˜critics™ which does not link to any of the given sentences.
Sentences 5, 2 and 3 relate to commercial activity by private firms as opposed to nation states in space and the ill-suitability of existing state-centric laws. Sentence 1, on the legal status of space mining, adds to 2. In the order 5213, the sentences given form a cogent paragraph; 4 is the odd one out.

The answer is '4'

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