CAT 2021 GD PI WAT - Interview Preparation

CAT Interview Preparation from 2IIM

2IIM offers GD-PI-WAT Prep for aspirants who have received interview calls.

We will conduct sessions on Economics, Current Affairs, WAT and top this off with a workshop on Interview-Prep. Beyond the sessions, students registering for this course will get two one-on-one mock interviews. We will also review one WAT essay submitted by the student. Aspirants can schedule interviews on Zoom or Google Meet.

2IIM classroom students and online students enrolled for the Green/Comprehensive/Live Online Courses, kindly do not register for the course. Please drop us an email and attend the course. 2IIM classroom and online students (for the entire course) need not pay for this course; but do drop us an email at the earliest.

How to prepare for WAT/GDPI?

The game only levels up post your CAT Attempt. There are 3 more challenges on the way to your MBA Dream, and we will list them out here. First comes the WAT or the 'Written Ability Test'. This is the first phase of the post-CAT selection process. As the name suggests, it is a round where the candidate will be required to write an essay on a given topic within the word limit prescribed. To know more, head on to this page.

Group Discussion (GD) is the next phase, following up the Written Ability Test (WAT). If WAT tested how you are able to think about an idea and articulate it coherently well, GD goes one notch above and beyond. It tests how well you are able to put forth your thoughts in a team setting. Click here to know more about how to crack this phase.

The last phase is the PI (Personal Interview). The Personal Interview is set to test your persona, psyche and how well you fare under different circumstances. We've compiled a bunch of informative videos and information within this page to help you ace your PI.

List of GD-PI Topics for PI and WAT Preparation - Click here to download Current Affairs for GD-PI-WAT


Videos for Economics, Personal Interview prep, Group Discussion pointers, How to prepare for Written Ability Test are available online. A few more videos will be added to the current database. Beyond this, students will get to
1. Have one essay reviewed by us
2. Attend two mock Interviews through Zoom/Google Meet with experienced interviewers.
Fees for Online PI WAT Training: 10,000/- INR.
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Course Schedule

1. Jan 26 - Full day Live sessions from 9 am to 5 pm. Includes Sessions on Personal Interviews, Written ability test, Mock PI, Economics and Current Affairs.
2. 2 Mock Personal Interviews (scheduled based on b-school Interview timeline)

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Let’s talk CAT 2022

It is not too early to start preparation. If you took CAT 2021 merely as a precursor to CAT 2022, then it is about time to start thinking about a pleasant 1-year preparation cycle. If you are not already one, sign up as a trial user to the 2IIM Online Course and see why so many students say so many good things about us ( review link here )

2IIM’s CAT 2021 online students can renew the course at very reasonable rates. The price for renewal is pegged at a level where students pay the difference between our current 2022 price point and what they have paid already. Effectively, for students who are renewing the course, the price for preparation for CAT 2021 and CAT 2022 would be merely the price for CAT 2022 (In other words CAT 2021 prep came for free). In case you have any queries please reach out to us at

Those of you just beginning on this CAT preparation journey, click here to know about every aspect of How to Prepare for CAT? . Those of you feeling a little lost amidst all this talk of percentiles, slots, analysis, syllabus etc, click here to learn What is CAT exam all about?