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2IIM Online CAT Coaching Group Discounts

2IIM offers substantial discounts on 2IIM's CAT Online Coaching Course if you enroll for the course in groups. If you buy in groups of two, you get 15% off; buy in groups of three and avail a discount of 20% each; buy in as a group of five and get a whopping discount 30%.
After you make the payment, the course will be activated within a day. Please make sure that the other person(s) enrols for the course within a week after the first person enrolled.

No. of People Discount Comprehensive - CAT 2019 Green - CAT 2019
Group of 5 30% Rs. 20,300 Rs. 18,200
Group of 3 20% Rs. 23,200 Rs. 20,800
Group of 2 15% Rs. 24,650 Rs. 22,100

Packages Available

Note: The printed study material is included only in the Comprehensive Packages.