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2IIM Online CAT Coaching Course Specifications

Quantitative Aptitude Classes

We've designed all our classes to start at the very basic level, and we amp up the difficulty to just a little bit beyond CAT level. For example, we'll start Averages by defining what the average of two number is. (Yes, we know you know. But we start from ground zero.) There are currently 33 Quant Classes with more on the pipeline to help you revise and consolidate different ideas.

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List of all Quant Topics

  1. Percentages
  2. Profit and Loss
  3. Simple and Compound Interest
  4. Averages
  5. Linear and Quadratic Equations
  6. Ratio and Proportion
  7. Mixtures
  8. Speed Time Distance
  9. Races
  10. Pipes and Cisterns, Work and Time
  11. Progressions
  12. Exponents and Logarithms
  13. Clocks, Calendars and Binomial Theorem
  14. Arithmetic and Algebra Revision
  15. Number Theory I: Factors and Multiples
  16. Number Theory II: Remainders
  17. Number Theory III: Partial Fractions and Other Concepts
  18. Number Theory IV: Data Sufficiency and Roundup
  19. Inequalities
  20. Functions
  21. Set Theory
  22. Combinatorics I: Permutation and Combination
  23. Combinatorics II: Probability
  24. Combinatorics III: Roundup
  25. Number Theory Revision
  26. Geometry I: Basics and Triangles
  27. Geometry II: Circles
  28. Geometry III: Additional Concepts
  29. Geometry IV: Data Sufficiency and Roundup
  30. Co-Ordinate Geometry
  31. Trigonometry
  32. Mensuration
  33. Geometry Revision

Verbal Aptitude Classes

The most poorly kept secret in the 99 percentiler club when it comes to the Verbal Section is the importance of having a developed reading habit. Our classes focus on helping you read critically and evolving strategies to help you identify the main ideas in a passage or paragraph. While these strategies will equip you with the tools to tackle questions in the CAT, it's the reading habit that most students have a difficulty adopting. To help you with that, we've collated a reading panel of wonderful articles from around the web (we've got an eye for the kind of passage the CAT usually tests). There are currently 18 Classes in the Section, with more on the way.

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List of all Verbal Topics

  1. Reading Comprehension I
  2. Reading Comprehension II
  3. Reading Comprehension III
  4. Reading Comprehension IV
  5. Sentence Rearrangement I
  6. Sentence Rearrangement II
  7. Sentence Elimination
  8. Paragraph Completion
  9. Critical Reasoning
  10. Fact, Inference and Judgment
  11. Sentence Correction I
  12. Sentence Correction II
  13. Text Completion
  14. Word Usage
  15. Paragraph Summary (Coming Soon)
  16. Critical Readong (Coming Soon)
  17. Grammar I
  18. Grammar II
  19. Grammar III
  20. Grammar IV

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Classes

This section is trickier to prepare for, since there is no defined syllabus. From year to year, the CAT has created new puzzle patterns to surprise aspirants. What we should do to prepare for Di & LR is to expose ourselves to as many different question templates as possible, and gradually work up our capacity to handle the tougher questions.
For DI, we'll start you off with some basic templates, walking you through simple ideas that can really cut down on working (for ex. when it comes to percentages and Pie Charts, a number of questions can be answered without calculating exact values). For LR, we've grouped together similar puzzle types into heads like Visualisation, Sequencing etc. so you have a handle on the different puzzles that the CAT has set in the past. This section has 34 full classes.

Study Material

Our Comprehensive Package includes 2IIM's Study Material, a set of ten printed books that will be shipped to your location. These books cover the entire syllabus all by themselves, with solved examples and practice questions to consolidate your revision.

Mock CAT Series

A long standing crib that 2IIM has in the coaching industry is the inaccuracy of mocks from our competitors in terms of difficulty of the questions. Our competitors have a vague idea that tougher is better, and a majority of the mocks end up way harder than the actual exam. Ironically, preparing with harder questions will not mean you do better on an easier exam. Think about it this way: If you're planning for a 5 Km run, would it make sense to practice by running marathons?

As we've said before, and will certainly say again, this exam is not as hard as it is made out to be, and we take great pains to ensure that each one of our questions sits squarely within the range of what is considered CAT-level.

Topical Test Series

Over 50 Sectional Tests that can help you revise specific topics once you think you've mastered them. Combined with our custom analytics that can benchmark where you stand vis-a-vis the competition, these tests can do wonders in helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses, helping you bank on the former to maximise your scores, and shore up the latter so there are no gaps in your preparation.

Practice makes perfect sounds like a pithy saying. But if you solve enough questions from Mixtures, mixing those cocktails in the exam can become a breeze. Familiarity breeds confidence!

Speed Enhancement Test Series

Drill, Drill, Drill! Doing the grind is the only way to pick up speed. But solving CAT level questions all the time can quickly get exhausting. Our own experience has shown us that speed comes best with questions that are slightly easier than the CAT level. These tests are specifically designed to help you zone in on the best method for each question, and after enough practice, framing those tricky equations will become second nature.

CAT Mini-Quiz Series

This free Test Series is designed to give all students a taste of what "CAT-level" means. Instead of solving questions one after the other in a questionbank, bring out your competitive best by taking on these questions as a quiz. Questions are accompanied with detailed solutions, and videos where appropriate.

This resource is available for students who register to try our Course for free!

CAT Preparation Zone

This section hosts a series of articles and videos outlining plans for preparation, mock-CAT and exam-taking strategies. While an hour of solid preparation is still better than an hour of planning to prepare, sometimes, a good plan can help you prepare more efficiently, and be customised to your particular needs.

Not all strategies for taking the exam are equally good. Some can see you to 100% (or high 99's), and some can backfire disastrously.

Last-Mile Prep Guide

Though the biggest hurdle in getting into your dream B-School is the CAT, the Interview Stage is no laughing matter either. We know that the GD/PI/WAT stage of the process is just as important as preparing for the CAT. To that end, we've compiled loads of videos and articles going over interview preparation and do's and dont's for GD/WAT. Getting some rudimentary facts straight, like GDP and inflation, having a grasp on the differences between Judiciary and Legislature etc. mark a starting point in the right direction.