Pricing Plans

Online CAT Preparation from 2IIM

Scholarships for Past Performers

If you've written the CAT before and done well, we'll be glad to offer our Comprehensive and Green Courses at the following discounted rates.

After you have made the payment, please give us 24 hours to activate the course. Please send us a PDF of your CAT Scorecard within 24 hours of making the payment to to get continued access.
Note: Course access will be de-activated if pdf of scorecard is not sent to bharathwaj@2iim within 24 hours.

CAT Percentile Discount Comprehensive Green
> 99%le 40% Rs. 17,400 Rs. 15,600
95%le - 99%le 30% Rs. 20,300 Rs. 18,200
85%le - 95%le 20% Rs. 23,200 Rs. 20,800
75%le - 85%le 10% Rs. 26,100 Rs. 23,400

Packages Available

Note: The printed study material is included only in the Comprehensive Packages.

Part Payment Options

Want to start your prep right away, but find that you have too much month at the end of the money? To help you get started, we're giving you the option to enroll to our online classes by paying through two installments . There are no hidden charges (you won't end up paying more!)



  •  14,500/-
  • 2 Payments



  •  13,000/-
  • 2 Payments

Terms and Conditions (A Few...)

  • To help you plan your purchase, we're providing for up to five weeks between the two installments. We'll drop in a friendly reminder at the fourth week or so if you have not completed the purchase.
  • In case of two installments, the second installment has to be made within 4 weeks of purchase. We'll drop in a friendly reminder at the fourth week if you have not completed the purchase.
  • For students enrolling into the Comprehensive Course, the study material will not be shipped until you make the second installment in case of two installments .
  • If you do not complete the purchase within the stipulated five weeks in case of two installments , we will, unfortunately, deactivate access to the account.

Unbundled Courses

For aspirants who are looking to reinforce specific sections, you can prepare with the following unbundled options:

Quantitative Aptitude

This package contains 33 Quant Classes, covering the entire syllabus tested in the CAT. Apart from these, we're also adding classes regularly, to aid in revision and to consolidate ideas from across topics. Course is valid until Jan 31, 2020. The package is priced at  16,000/-

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Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

This package has 6 classes for LR, and 6 classes for DI, for a total of 12 classes. Responding to CAT's unnaturally difficult DILR Section, we're also adding classes aimed at really tough sets. Course is valid until Jan 31, 2020. The package is priced at  14,000/-

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