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This question from the Management Electives set, requires you to find Bandita's major with the given set of constraints. Here in the CAT 2018 question paper, we saw some really hard DILR problems that laid a great amount of emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This question is one of them. If you are unable to solve such questions , here are some tips to ace the DILR section during your CAT Exam Preparation.

CAT DILR : CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot 1

Set 7 : Management Electives

Adriana, Bandita, Chitra, and Daisy are four female students, and Amit, Barun, Chetan, and Deb are four male students. Each of them studies in one of three institutes - X, Y, and Z. Each student majors in one subject among Marketing, Operations, and Finance, and minors in a different one among these three subjects. The following facts are known about the eight students:

1. Three students are from X, three are from Y, and the remaining two students, both female, are from Z.
2. Both the male students from Y minor in Finance, while the female student from Y majors in Operations.
3. Only one male student majors in Operations, while three female students minor in Marketing.
4. One female and two male students major in Finance.
5. Adriana and Deb are from the same institute. Daisy and Amit are from the same institute.
6. Barun is from Y and majors in Operations. Chetan is from X and majors in Finance.
7. Daisy minors in Operations.

Question 4 : If Chitra majors in Finance, which subject does Bandita major in?

  1. Finance
  2. Operations
  3. Cannot be determined uniquely from the given information
  4. Marketing

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Explanatory Answer

Method of solving this CAT Question on CAT DILR
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1

Let us call the females A, B, C and D; and the males AM, BR, C10 and DB.
We know that there are 2 males and one female each in X and Y and two females in Z.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
Female in Institute Y cannot be Daisy.
So, Daisy should be from institute X. So, Amit should also be from institute X.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
A and DB should be from Y. So, B and C should be from Z.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
We get the minors or A, B and C.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
AM majors in Fin. Only one male student majors in Ops. Two male students major in Fin, so the last male student, DB should have majored in Marketing.
Now, with this let us move on to the questions.
CAT DI LR 2018 Slot 1
From the above table we can see that if Chitra majors in Finance then Bandita major in Operations.

The question is "If Chitra majors in Finance, which subject does Bandita major in?"

Hence, the answer is Operations

Choice B is the correct answer.


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