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Question 23 : Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:

Empirical observation told us years ago that goats were slowly becoming the new dog, and according to a new study, they are truly qualified to be man’s best friend. The Royal Society released heart-warming research showing that just like humans, goats have no desire to interact with people who come off as angry or upset, and that they’re much more attracted to those with big smiles plastered across their faces. When 12 males and 8 females were released into a pen decorated with images of happy and angry humans, the scientists learned that goats can “distinguish between happy and angry images of the same person,” and in general, they prefer their humans to be happy.

Which of the following statements is definitely true according to the passage?

  1. When they look at a smiling person, the goats are happy.
  2. When they look at a frowning person, goats are afraid of him.
  3. When they look at a straight-faced person, goats remain passive.
  4. When they look at a frowning person, the goats are sad.
  5. When they look at a smiling person, goats run towards him.

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Explanatory Answer

The passage states that goats do not prefer angry or upset people but instead are fond of happy smiling faces. The passage does not say anything about when goats see frowning person or straight faced person. So options B, C, D are incorrect.

Also though we know that goats are attracted towards happy people, we do not know how they behave and if they run towards the happy smiling person. So Option E is also incorrect. The right answer choice is A.

Choice A is the correct answer.


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