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Question 25 : Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:

Alligators are freshwater reptiles. However, people have come face to face with them in mud in a salt marsh in Georgia. Finding alligators in the salt marsh is not a mystery or a miracle. At least 23 species of predator have been spotted living in surprising habitats. Predators such as alligators, otters, mountain lions, wolves and raptors are thriving in places they shouldn't, revealing some serious misunderstandings about their behaviour and how to protect them. Scientific literature divulges that these creatures are actually returning to places they once occupied. It gives us astonishing insights into the lives of animals and helps conservationists improve the old stomping grounds of these creatures.

Which of the following statements provides the most plausible explanation of the predators' behaviour?

  1. Predators prefer to occupy different habitats, depending on the season and prevailing weather.
  2. Predators migrate to a habitat different from where they were born.
  3. Predators are fully aware of where they were born.
  4. Predators have a genetic memory of their traditional stomping grounds.
  5. Predators have no awareness of where they were born

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Explanatory Answer

The lines “Predators such as alligators, otters, mountain lions, wolves and raptors are thriving in places they shouldn't,” and “these creatures are actually returning to places they once occupied.”, tell us that something within them has nudged them to move to place they used to occupy long back. Season and weather, remembering the birth place do not justify why they return to places they occupied generations back. The most plausible explanation is given by Option D. It is the right answer.

Choice D is the correct answer.


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