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Starting your online preparation for CAT? Not sure where to begin from? Fret not! One of the best ways to go about your preparation is to practice CAT previous year paper. This will help you understand what you can expect in the CAT Question Paper in terms of pattern and difficulty level of the questions! This will also help you to get comfortable with the trickier questions and you will very likely not tax yourself by practicing questions that are way too difficult for the CAT exam. Start right now with this question on Equations from CAT 2020 Question paper.

Question 24 : Aron bought some pencils and sharpeners. Spending the same amount of money as Aron, Aditya bought twice as many pencils and 10 less sharpeners. If the cost of one sharpener is 2 more than the cost of a pencil, then the minimum possible number of pencils bought by Aron and Aditya together is

  1. 33
  2. 27
  3. 30
  4. 36

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Explanatory Answer

  Pencils and it's price = x Sharpeners and it’s price = x+2
Aron p s
Aditya 2p s-10

(Aron) Px + sx + 2s = (Aditya) 2px + sx – 20 – 10x + 2s
Px = 10x + 20
x(p-10) = 20
Together they bought 3p pencils
Minimum value of p has to be 11
So, minimum pencils they bought together is 33

The answer is, "33"

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