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Question 5 : The value of loga\\frac{a}{b}) + logb\\frac{b}{a}), for 1 < a ≤ b cannot be equal to

  1. -0.5
  2. 1
  3. 0
  4. -1

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Explanatory Answer

logaa – logab
logbb – logba
2 – { logab + 1/ logba} [logab + 1/ logba] = [x + 1/x] and value is ≥ 2 and ≤ -2
From the options,
x + 1/x ≠ 1

The question is "The value of loga\\frac{a}{b}) + logb\\frac{b}{a}), for 1 < a ≤ b cannot be equal to"

Hence, the answer is, "1"

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