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After analyzing CAT previous year paper over the years, team 2IIM has come up with a blueprint of the CAT exam which highlights the questions you can expect in the upcoming CAT Exam. This CAT Blueprint shows that Geometry is the second most important topic in the Quantitative Aptitude section of the CAT Question Paper and hence requires thorough preparation. Start with your preparation right here, right now by practicing this question from CAT 2020 Question paper without looking at the text and video solutions provided.

Question 9 : Let C be a circle of radius 5 meters having center at O. Let PQ be a chord of C that passes through points A and B where A is located 4 meters north of O and B is located 3 meters east of O. Then, the length of PQ, in meters, is nearest to

  1. 6.6
  2. 7.2
  3. 8.8
  4. 7.8

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Explanatory Answer

Triangle inscribed in Circle
Right Triangle
O is the center of the circle and radius of circle = 5
In triangle AOB, using pythagorean triplet AB = 5
OR = \\frac{3 × 4}{5}) = 2.4
Since OR if from the center it bisects the chord,
Now in triangle POR,
52 = PR2 + (2.4)2
PR = √{19.24}
PQ = 2 √{19.24}
PQ ≅ 8.8

The answer is, "8.8"

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