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Question 4 : Carefully read the following paragraph: Who could resist the idea of remembering everything they wanted to, without trying? Learning would be made easy, exams a ______ and you would never forget where you left your keys. And memory-related disorders like Alzheimer’s would have met their match. So, it is of little surprise that scientists have turned their attention to ways of ______ human memory using techniques that ______, supplement or even mimic parts of the brain. The immediate goal is to treat memory disorders, but the idea of a memory ______ for everyday life is gaining ground.

Fill in the blanks in the above paragraph, with the best option from among the following:

  1. joy; augmenting; awaken; crutch
  2. routine; expanding; invigorate; crutch
  3. breeze; enhancing; stimulate; prosthesis
  4. routine; expanding; trigger; support
  5. breeze; exploring; simulate; aid

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Explanatory Answer

Let us first consider the first blank. Going by the line, idea of remembering everything without trying, which means one can remember everything casually and easily, the correct word to fill the first blank is breeze. So we are down to choosing between two options, C or E.
If we consider the second and third blank where the passage talks about scientists turning their attention to ways of _______ human memory using techniques that ______ , supplement or even mimic parts of the brain, we see that for the third blank, we cannot use “simulate” as the passage already mentions about mimicking which is the same as simulating. So the best word for the third blank is “Stimulate”.
Now that we have found our first and third blank words, we can conclude from the options, that Choice C is the right option.

Choice C is the correct answer.


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