IPMAT Syllabus

What is tested in the IPMAT? What is IPMAT Syllabus?

IPMAT Syllabus

1. What is the IPMAT Syllabus?
2. IPMAT Exam Pattern.
3. IIM Indore IPMAT Syllabus
4. IIM Rohtak IPMAT Syllabus
5. Section Wise Syllabus for IPMAT Syllabus
6. IPMAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus
7. IPMAT Verbal Ability Syllabus
8. IPMAT Logiacal Reasoning Syllabus

What is the syllabus of IPMAT 2024?

When it comes to the IPMAT Syllabus, neither IIM Indore nor IIM Rohtak release any information about what topics get tested. However, based on the questions that appear in the examination, we can tentatively chart out a syllabus for IPMAT. IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak conduct the IPM Program using their own admission test (IPMAT) for their five-year Integrated Programme in Management. Both IPMAT (Indore & Rohtak) examinations have a severe portion overlap in the Quantitative Aptitude and the Verbal Ability section. IIM Rohtak also tests an additional Logical Reasoning section. You will find all the available information on this page.

What is IPMAT's Exam Pattern?

IIM Indore IPMAT 2024 - Exam Pattern

The IIM Indore test is divided into has 3 sections across 2 subjects - Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability. There are two sections in Quantitative Aptitude - One is MCQ, and the other is Short answer.

IPMAT 2024 IIM Indore Section Name Questions Time allotted
Quantiative Aptitude (MCQ) - IPM Indore 40 Questions 40 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude (SA) - IPM Indore 20 questions 40 minutes
Verbal Ability - IPM Indore 40 questions 40 minutes
Overall 100 Questions 2 Hours

IIM Rohtak IPMAT 2024 - Exam Pattern

IIM Rohtak's IPMAT examination will also have 3 sections, namely Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning.

IPMAT 2024 IIM Rohtak Section Name Questions Time allotted
Quantiative Aptitude (MCQ) - IPM Rohtak 40 Questions 40 Minutes
Logical Reasoning - IPM Rohtak 40 questions 40 minutes
Verbal Ability - IPM Rohtak 40 questions 40 minutes
Overall 120 Questions 2 Hours

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IPMAT Syllabus 2024

What is tested in Quantitative Aptitude in the IPMAT exam?

Topic Segment IPMAT Syllabus - Key topics tested
Arithmetic Percentages, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest & Compound Interest,
Averages, Ratio & Proportion, Mixtures,
Speed, Time, & Distance, Races, Work & Time, Partnerships
Number Theory and Modern Math Factors, Factorials, Digits, Reminders, HCF & LCM,
Set Theory, Logarithm,
Permutation and Combination, Probability.
Algebra Linear and Quadratic Equations, Roots, Surds, & Indices, Polynomials
Inequalities, Functions, & Geometric Progression, Algebraic Formulae
Geometry Lines, Angles, Triangles, Circles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals,
Mensuration, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry

Additional topics tested in IPMAT Indore Syllabus

Apart from what is listed above, IPM Indore usually tests students on topcis like Matrices and Determinants, (haven't been seen so far in IPMAT Rohtak) & Data Interpretation.

What is tested in Verbal Ability in the IPMAT exam?

Topic Segment IPMAT Syllabus - Key topics tested
Reading Comprehension 1 or 2 passages in English, followed by 4 to 6 questions each.
Verbal Ability Paragraph Completion, Para Jumble (Sentence re-arrangement), Inference-based passages
Grammar & Vocabulary Word Usage, Vocabulary, Fill in the blanks, Etymology,
Idioms & Phrases, Analogies, Antonyms-Synonyms
Sentence Correction Subject-Verb Agreement, Noun and Pronoun Errors, Preposition and Conjunctions,
Tenses, Modifier Errors, Parallelism, etc

What is tested in Logical Reasoning in the IPMAT exam?

Logical Reasoning - Topic Segment IPMAT Syllabus - Key topics tested
Basic LR Logical Sequence Series, Coding, Arrangements
Blood Relations, Input & Output, Binary Logic
Standard LR Sets Games and Tournaments, Cubes and Visual Puzzles, Word Problems,
Sequencing, Grid Puzzles, Linear and Circular Seating Arrangements, etc
Visual Puzzles Cubes and Dices, Venn Diagrams
Sentence Correction Critical Reasoning, Statements and Conclusions, Syllogisms, True or False, etc.


How should one prepare for IPMAT 2024?

The portion for the IPMAT Indore and the IPMAT Rohtak are largely similar, however the exam pattern and blueprint are different. When it comes to your preparation, it can be broken down into two parts:
(1) Getting comfortable with the portion & it's questions &
(2) Getting exam ready by taking a few mock tests & solving past year papers.

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JIPMAT Examination

Now that you know all about the IPMAT, you also need to know information about the JIPMAT examination. We will have a blog published soon. When that's done, you will see a link to that page here.

IPMAT Indore 2024 ATS Scores

IPMAT Indore ATS scores are the final word on getting a call for interviews. It's important to undersand the selection process of IPMAT Indore to aim for a safe score and prepare strategically. In essence it means that an overall high score alone won't get you a call. An above average performance in all the 3 sections, and scoring well past the cut offs is crucial to get to the next stage.

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Enough talk, where do I study?

2IIM has a wonderful course specifically designed for IPMAT. It has three modules: 1) Theory - taught from Fundamentals, 2) IPMAT Level Practice Questions - Over 5000 questions that will help you build speed & accuracy, and 3) Mock tests to help you strategize in the best way possible for your IPMAT Examination.
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