What is IPMAT?

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What is IPMAT all about?

IPMAT is the Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test. Various institutes conduct their own IPMAT to admit students in their 5-year Integrated Programme in Management.
IIM Indore conducts its own IPMAT, IIM Ranchi accepts IPMAT Indore scores and SAT scores, IIM Rohtak conducts it own IPMAT and IIM Bodh Gaya and Jammu together conduct an examination called JIPMAT.
Each exam broadly tests the test takers' Comprehension and Aptitude across three sections. IPMAT Indore has 2 sections to test Quantitative Ability - a section on MCQs and another on Short Answers, and a section of Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.
IIM Rohtak IPMAT has a slightly different exam pattern, where in, it tests the aspirants on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning in a separate section along with one section each on Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability, and Quantitative Ability

All about IPMAT Indore

This video is specifically tailored to give you information on the nuances of IPMAT Indore. Firstly, it covers a brief on all the 3 sections (Quant - MCQ, Quant - S.A. and VARC) in detail. Secondly, the video highlights the distribution of questions and their respective marks under each section. Most importantly, Rajesh sir shares his tips on strategies that can help an aspirant get well past the cut offs (if prepared thoroughly). Watch it till the end to know everything about IPMAT Indore.

IPMAT Indore Blueprint

Watch this fantastic video to get detailed information on the topics covered under each section of IPMAT Indore. The video outlines an in-depth numerical analysis of how to prepare based on the weightages given to each topic in this exam. It's an excellent data point that is sure to help you in prepare well for IPMAT Indore.

What is ATS in IPMAT? & Calculate your ATS score.

Aptitude Test Score (ATS) is the final word on your IPMAT Indore call for interview. Decoding and understanding the procedure is of prime importance for any serious IPMAT Indore aspirant. In this video, 2IIM brings to light a hitherto unknown set of information to give you maximum clarity on the IPM Indore's scoring system. Watch it till the end.

Click here for the 2IIM ATS Calculator [IPMAT Indore]

All the data presented in the video is based on information gathered from RTIs

How to prepare for IPMAT? - for Commerce students

IPMAT Indore Quant is palpably difficult. Being comfortable with numbers is essential to ace the Quant section of this exam. This however does not require you to be exceptionally good with high-level mathematics. A thorough conceptual understanding coupled with rigorous practice is a reliable way to score well past the cut offs. Watch this video to know more about preparation strategy for IPMAT Quant if you are a Commerce student.

Life at IPM Indore

It is human nature to test the waters before getting into it. Most people usually wish to know what they are getting into before they take a life-altering decision. It is only justified to know from past students of IPM whether it's a programme worth striving for. Watch this video to know what past IPM Indore students have to say about the quality of the course, their personal journey and its future prospects.

IPM - A Parent's Perspective

After the 12th standard students have a plethora of options to choose from. It is understandably difficult to make important choices at that age due to multiple factors like shifting personal interests, lack of knowledge, and experience, etc. A parent's perspective in such a situation plays a very crucial role in helping students make a suitable choice. So, we at 2IIM decided to bridge the gap by approaching an IPM aspirant's parent to share his insights about IPMAT. Watch this video to know more.

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What is IPMAT? Which colleges have IPMAT?

IPMAT (Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test) is an aptitude test (currently) offered by 5 IIMs as of now for admission into their 5-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM).
IIM Indore IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Rohtak IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Ranchi IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Jammu IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Bodh Gaya IPM - Click here for more info
This 5-year programme includes the MBA Programmes of the respective IIM. All of these colleges have a 3 year exit point where you can quit with a 3-year degree offered by the respective college.

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All the institutes, as a mandate, expect their incoming students to be below 20 years of age (as per the dates that they prescribe to). The students are also expected to complete their 12th standard with a minimum of 60%. To know in detail about the eligibility criteria followed by the IIMs offering the IPM programme click on the link/pdf below.
IIM Indore IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Ranchi IPM - Click here for more info
IIM Rohtak IPM - Click here for more info

Live Online Program for IPMAT 2022

What is the Syllabus of IPMAT 2022?

All IPMAT exams will test similar portion, with some variation. You can head on to this page for specific information about the Syllabus tested in the IPMAT.