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CAT 2019 VARC section was a true nightmare. It was the most taxing section of the three. With some of its questions requiring critical reasoning, demanded even the avid of the readers to read and reread the passages before landing on an answer. We've tried our best to present these actual questions from CAT 2019 VARC section in their least intimidating from (at least in the font), with detailed solutions in a student friendly format to test yourself and understand the importance of reading for VARC section of the CAT exam. For a curated reading list head out here: Bharath’s Reading List. If you are planning to take CAT 2019 paper as a full fledged mock, it would help if you go back to : CAT Question Bank and solve questions that are not from actual CAT Question papers.

The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.

Question 30 : A distinguishing feature of language is our ability to refer to absent things, known as displaced reference. A speaker can bring distant referents to mind in the absence of any obvious stimuli. Thoughts, not limited to the here and now, can pop into our heads for unfathomable reasons. This ability to think about distant things necessarily precedes the ability to talk about them. Thought precedes meaningful referential communication. A prerequisite for the emergence of human-like meaningful symbols is that the mental categories they relate to can be invoked even in the absence of immediate stimuli.

  1. Thoughts precede all speech acts and these thoughts pop up in our heads even in the absence of any stimulus.
  2. The ability to think about objects not present in our environment precedes the development of human communication.
  3. Thoughts are essential to communication and only humans have the ability to think about objects not present in their surroundings.
  4. Displaced reference is particular to humans and thoughts pop into our heads for no real reason.

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Explanatory Answer

The main idea of the given paragraph is that the ability to think about distant things precedes meaningful referential communication. Option 2 sums this up correctly.

Option 1 is incorrect, as it states that thoughts precede "all speech acts". The paragraph only states that thoughts precede meaningful referential communication. Both options 3 and 4 rule that displaced reference—the ability to think about distant objects—is unique to humans. The paragraph does not say this.

Choice B is the correct answer.


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