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This question is from Time and work. Questions from Time and Work have consistently appeared in every edition of the CAT Exam. You can expect to get at least one question from this topic in CAT Exam. The more work you put into practice questions from this topic, your score keeps on increasing with time. A certain amount of work needs to be accomplished within a stipulated time. However, after a couple of days, it is observed that not much has been done! As usual, Procrastination Prevails! Do we need more people to come on board to complete this task on time? Solve this question from CAT 2020 Question Paper, and then check out the video solution of it.

Question 4 : A contractor agreed to construct a 6 km road in 200 days. He employed 140 persons for the work. After 60 days, he realized that only 1.5 km road has been completed. How many additional people would he need to employ in order to finish the work exactly on time?

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Explanatory Answer

The contractor finishes 1.5 km in 60 days with 140 people.
That means, he finishes, 0.5 km in 20 days with 140 people.
He has 200 - 60 = 140 days left to finish the job.

Let's say 20 days is 1 unit of time.
So the contractor finishes 0.5 km in 1 unit of time with 140 people, He has 4.5 kms to finish in 7 units of time(7 × 20 days) with n people.
The working capacity of the peopl should still be the same...

Therefore, \\frac{0.5}{140}) * 1 = \\frac{4.5}{n}) * \\frac{1}{7})
n = 180.
Therefore, the contractor needs, 180 - 140 = 40 people more.

The answer is, "40"

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