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Read the following passage and choose the answer that is closest to each of the questions that are based on the passage.

The perennial debate over gender differences threatens to remain inconclusive. Stereotypes pertaining to male superiority and female submissiveness could be traced to earlier ages where assigned roles were needed as survival measures. But, can we today see a swing away from these stereotypes, or have they established a stranglehold on our perceptions? In this gendered world, we continue to live with notions that one's gender determines one's skills and preferences, from toys and colours to career choices. So the girl child will be presented with a Barbie doll, while the boy child will receive a Lego set.

Does that mean that our brains are different? This myth has been exploded by a British professor of cognitive neuroimaging. Her research attempts to establish how these stereotypes mould our ideas of ourselves. She examines how science has been misinterpreted or misused to ask the wrong questions, instead of challenging the status quo. She urges us to move beyond a binary view of people's brains and instead to see these as highly individualised, profoundly adaptable, and full of unbounded potential. Her conclusive findings establish that no brain differences can be found that are solely gender related. In other words, modern neuroscientists have identified no decisive category-defining differences between the brains of men and women.

As a result of these findings we owe it to ourselves to dump the myths and look at ourselves afresh. We need to recognise that the male and female brain debate is a distraction, besides being based on inaccuracies. It is possibly harmful too, because it can be used as a hook to justify saying there is no point in girls doing science because they do not have a science brain; or compelling boys to opt for science because their brains are shaped for that subject. It can also condemn boys for being emotional, as this is seen as a feminine trait. And, most dangerous of all, to proclaim that boys, not girls, are meant to lead.

Question 10 : The writer of this passage wants to emphasise the need to

  1. use new insights provided by scientific research for a better understanding of human abilities.
  2. continuously debate issues of gender differences to achieve human progress.
  3. question the findings of scientific inquiry into the functioning of the human brain.
  4. accept gender differences as essential to the survival of the human species.

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Explanatory Answer

Option A
This option seems to be right, although it does not mention anything about "gender differences" in deciding human abilities. We will keep it for the time being and look at the other options.

Option B
Though on the first skim the option seems to be perfect, the author never mentions anything about "achieving human progress" anywhere in the passage. The opinions and facts are restricted to "gender differences" and human abilities" only. So, option B can be eliminated.

Option C
This passage discusses human brain and abilities in the context of gender, and does not deal with the "functioning of the human brain" exclusively. So, this option can be eliminated.

Option D
This option is antithetical to the views expressed by the author in the passage. This can, instantly, be eliminated. This leaves us only with option A. Ultimately, the passage is about human abilities, as can be seen from the phrases, "highly individualised", "profoundly adaptable", and "full of unbounded potential".

Hence, the right choice is option A.

The question is "The writer of this passage wants to emphasise the need to"

Hence, the answer is use new insights provided by scientific research for a better understanding of human abilities.

Choice A is the correct answer


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