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Question 18 : Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:
1. They often include a foundation course on navigating capitalism with Chinese characteristics and have replaced typical cases from US corporates with a focus on how Western theories apply to China's buzzing local firms.
2. The best Chinese business schools look like their Western rivals but are now growing distinct in terms of what they teach and the career boost they offer.
3. Western schools have enhanced their offerings with double degrees, popular with domestic and overseas students alike-and boosted the prestige of their Chinese partners.
4. For students, a big draw is the chance to rub shoulders with captains of China's private sector.
5. Their business courses now largely cater to the growing demand from China Inc which has become more global, richer and ready to recruit from this sinocentric student body.

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Explanatory Answer

While all other sentences relate to Chinese business schools and the courses they offer, sentence 3 relates to Western schools and their offerings. So, 3 is the odd one out.
2514 makes a cogent paragraph, with 2 opening the paragraph stating how Chinese schools are growing distinct from their Western counterparts, 5 and 1 adding to 2 in terms of the courses offered and 4 concluding the paragraph with the additional incentive that these schools provide Chinese students.

The answer is '3'

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