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Question 23 : The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.
Brazil's growth rate has been low, yet most Brazilians say their financial situation has improved, and they expect it to get even better. This is because most incomes are rising fast, with higher minimum wages and very low unemployment. The result is falling inequality and a growing middle class - the result of economic stabilization, improved social security and universal primary education. But despite recent improvements the Brazilian economy is still painfully unequal, with poor Brazilians paying the biggest share of their income in taxes and getting the least back in government services.

  1. Most Brazilians feel they have benefitted from recent economic events, but the poor continue to be dealt unfairly by the state.
  2. Economic reforms have benefitted many Brazilians, but they are unaware of the impending problems from rising inequalities in their society.
  3. With rising incomes and falling unemployment, most Brazilians are being misled into thinking that their economy is doing well.
  4. Good economic indicators have masked the unfair taxation of the poor that is likely to destabilise the Brazilian economy in the next few years.

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Explanatory Answer

This paragraph states that while Brazilians have seen inequality falling and their financial situation improving due to economic stabilisation, the economy remains very unequal and the poor end up paying the biggest share of taxes despite getting the least services back from the government. Option A touches upon all key points and sums up the paragraph well.
Options B and C do not talk about the unfair taxation of the poor. So, they can be eliminated.
Option D states that the Brazilian economy is likely to be destabilised in the next few years. The paragraph makes no such prediction.

The answer is 'Most Brazilians feel they have benefitted from recent economic events, but the poor continue to be dealt unfairly by the state.'

Choice A is the correct answer.

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