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Question 21 : Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:
1. A typical example is Wikipedia, where the overwhelming majority of contributors are male and so the available content is skewed to reflect their interests.
2. Without diversity of thought and representation, society is left with a distorted picture of future options, which are likely to result in augmenting existing inequalities.
3. Gross gender inequality in the technology sector is problematic, not only for the industry-wide marginalisation of women, but because technology designs embody the values of their makers.
4. While redressing unequal representation in the workplace is a step in the right direction, broader social change is needed to address the structural inequalities embedded within the current organisation of work and employment.
5. If technology merely reflects the perspectives of the male stereotype, then new technologies are unlikely to accommodate the diverse social contexts within which they operate.

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Explanatory Answer

While all other sentences are about gender inequality in the technology sector and its impact on society, sentence 4 is more general, about structural inequalities in the current organisation of work and employment.
3512 makes a cogent paragraph, with 3 stating the main idea of the paragraph, 5 adding on to 3, 1 citing an example to support 5 and 2 concluding the paragraph.

The answer is '4'

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