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Question 7 : Guru and Chela walk around a circular path of 115 km in circumference, they start together from the same point. If they walk at speed of 4 and 5 kmph respectively, also they walk in the same direction, when will they meet?

  1. After 115 hours
  2. After 125 hours
  3. After 120 hours
  4. After 210 hours

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Explanatory Answer

They start together at same point and in same direction and in same direction.
Relative speed for both = 5 - 4 = 1km/hr
So, after end of 1 hr, Guru covered 4km
And Chela would have covered 5 km
Gap between them is 1 km/hr
Faster person has to overtake and do 1 additional round for them to meet.

Since relative speed is 1km/hr
1 additional round is the time required for meeting

So, \\frac{115}{1}) = 115 hours

The answer is After 115 hours

Choice A is the correct answer.


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